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Help Logging In

If you need assistance with logging in, click the “Forgotten your username or password?”

You will then be able to reset your password by entering in your username or email address. If the LMS can find you in the database, an email will be sent to your email address, with instructions how to get access again.


Navigating The Learning Management System (LMS)



As you navigate through the LMS breadcrumbs are created which help you navigate back to where you have come from.


Main Menu

Once you have logged in use the menu icon at the top right hand side of your screen to expand and contract the main site menu. You will need to complete each module of the online course in th esequence it appears. You will them be able to re visit information in any module after completion.


Logging out of the LMS

Click your name in the top right of the LMS to access a quick link menu. You can then click the “Log out” button to access. This menu also allows you access your Profile and any Messages.




Purchasing the Welcome to Caloundra course

The Welcome to Caloundra Course can only be purchased online through the website: www.welcometocaloundra.com.au


Bulk course purchases

Customers have the option to purchase the Welcome to Caloundra course for a number of users.  Please select the course that suits the number of users you require. 

Course prices are listed as:

$25 + GTS for one (1) user licence

$15 + GST for two - six (2-6) user licences

$10 + GST for ten (10) user licences

If you require more than 10 user licences please email Caloundra Chamber of Commerce with the exact number of user licences you require. E. admin@caloundrachamber.com.au


How to use a voucher

Unique vouchers will be required for businesses wishing to purhcase eleven (11) or more users of the Welcome to Caloundra program. Vouchers assit the main account holder with the shopping cart purchase, checkout process and assigning the user licences available to staff.


Navigating to the LMS after logging in

Once a user has their login details, please visit the Welcome to Caloundra website. Select 'Sign in' on the top right hand side of the page. Use your log in details. Once these have been submitted you will then be directed to the LMS to commence the online course. 


When will I receive my certificate and Welcome to Caloundra badge?

After you have successfully completed the online course and survey you will then be able to download your certificate of completion and order your name badge. Your name badge will be sent to you from Caloundra Chamber of Commerce within 4 weeks from ordering. Please specify which badge you require; a  Welcome to Caloundra button badge, or a full name badge.


Is there a sticker for my business?

Main account holders will be entitled to a Welcome to Caloundra sticker that can be applied to the front area of their business.


What happens if I need to stop during the course?

If you need to stop the course, that is ok. You can resume where you left of when you are ready. Simply sign in on the Welcome to Caloundra website and you can select to resume or start again.


How long is the course valid for?

There are currently no restrictions on the validity of the course.


How will I know if course information changes?

Content will be updated as deemed necessary and you will be notified of content changes. 


When I have completed and paid registration, how long before I can gain access to the Welcome to Caloundra course?

Once payment has cleared, the main account holder will receive an email with login in details and instructions on use, for all users within 5 working days.